5 Apps that will make 2021 the best year!

5 apps to make 2021 amazing

2020 wasn’t the greatest year, it might have left you feeling a little be disorientated, I mean we all pretty much got our worlds turned upside down so it’s only natural. However, in the hopes that 2021 is going to be a much better year than the last, I thought I’d showcase some of the apps I’m using at the minute to help me navigate this weird, scary time we’re all living in. Feel free to leave a comment and add it to the list!

Medito foundation app logo

1. Medito: if you’re looking to get into meditation then this is the app for you! Not only is Medito completely free but it also offers a variety of different packs to try, from a meditation pack all about taking control of our stress and anxieties, to a pack that can help you to maintain healthy relationships. The volunteers behind Medito are constantly working on new and engaging packs to use, like their low moods pack, chronic pain pack and advanced packs. As well as working on making it available in different languages.

If you’d like to support them then check out the app and give it a download, or donate to them.

Daylio app icon

2. Daylio: 2020 left a lot of people feeling depressed, lonely, and just generally pretty awful. A good way to try and take back some control over our emotions and feelings is by tracking them on a daily/weekly basis, as it allows us to find patterns in our emotions and work on fixing what potentially could be triggering them, and it’s a nice thing to look back on as a way of reminding yourself that it won’t last forever. This is where Daylio comes into play. Daylio is a free habit and mood tracker. On opening the app you get to chose what you personally want to track, whether that be your sleep schedule, the exercise you do in a day, or even just how you’re feeling. The great thing about being able to track multiple things at the same time means that 1. You’re not having to flip between multiple apps to figure out why you’re feeling a certain way, and 2. You get a neat breakdown of the things that you’ve done and whether they’ve had positive or negative effects on your emotions.

3. Forest: If you’ve ever wanted to feel productive whilst also planting an entire forest worth of trees, then the Forest app is for you. Forest is a productivity app at it’s finest, and best of all you can get it as a chrome extension. Forest forces you to stay off your phone or a particular website that’s on your blocklist for a specified amount of time, in hopes that it will negate some of the daily distractions that can occur when using our phones/the internet. The consequence of going on your phone or blocked website is that the tree that you’ve spent x amount of time planting will be killed and you have to start over again. It’s a cute app that keeps you accountable, it also made me realise how dependent on my phone I actually am.

4. Whisk: If Facebook and Pinterest had a child, I think it would be whisk… Bookmark some of your favourite recipes across the web, you can either chose to save the recipes you find or you can create your own recipes and share them with different food-based communities.

This app has been a lifesaver in times when my partner and I are struggling to think of something that we want to make. The great thing about Whisk is the community feature, you get to join different groups that have a plethora of recipes to delve through, for example, the ’10 ingredients or less’ group has some awesome recipes to try out, as well as groups centred around bringing you recipes that require a slow cooker/instant pot.

read more app logo

5. Read more: One of my 2021 goals has been to read at least one book a month and Read More is helping me keep track of that. Not only can you add books that you’re currently reading, and update them with each reading session, but also you can set up a “TBR (to be read) shelf” that allows you to keep track of books you’re wanting to read in the upcoming months. Having an app to keep track of this sort of thing has really helped me to get back into reading and has actually spurred me on when I’ve not wanted to.

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