9 Must play chill games

So I’ve been playing a lot of chill/cosy games this year and I wanted to share some of these great games because I think they deserve even more people playing them.

  1. Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer is a management sim on a new level, you control Steller who has been given the job of ‘spiritfarer’ which requires you to travel all over purgatory and collect spirits, complete quests and make sure their afterlife is as comfortable and chill as possible. You also get to know the spirits and who they are/were whilst they were alive.

Spiritfarer is full of mini-games, crafting, and farming, making this management sim about death all sorts of cute. There were also 3 free updates added to the game since its release which added a bunch more content and spirits for you to help!

Spiritfarer is one of the best games I’ve played when it comes to relaxing and taking your time with things, I mean there are even meditation spots where you can just sit down and relax whilst listening to the world around you.

  1. Stardew Valley 

If you’ve never heard of stardew valley then where have you been hiding? Stardew Valley is an adventure sim RPG which starts with you inheriting your grandfather’s farm. You set off on a journey to make it the best farm it can be whilst also getting to know the vast array of characters dotted around the town. There are tons of things to do in stardew, maintaining your farm, mining, crafting, cooking, fishing or just focusing on rebuilding the community centre. You can also go down the “evil” corporate route and sign up with JoJa mart…buuuut that’s up to you. There are also timed quests to do that the townsfolk will give you which will reward you with gold or maybe an item.

  1. Little witch in the wood

Little witch in the wood is an adorable life sim where you play as a disruptive but inquisitive apprentice witch named Ellie, who is trying to make a name for themselves. You get to help the residents of a small town that’s been taken over by some magical thorns. As Ellie, you take requests from the people in the town to make potions and magical sweets. You also get to ride around on a pretty sweet broomstick. The potion-making process is actually kind of fun as well, you collect ingredients by harvesting flowers or fruits found throughout the world and then process those into ingredients which can be used in your cauldron to make potions. 

  1. House flipper 

In House flipper you take on projects for people to redecorate/renovate their houses by cleaning up a mess previous tenants left, installing appliances, knocking down or putting up walls and painting/tilling. Now don’t get me wrong this game sounds super mundane, but it’s actually really chill, it’s nice to just blast some music get some snacks and go to town on someone’s house for a couple of hours. And you get to upgrade your abilities which allow you to do all those things faster or more efficiently. Plus if you do get a bit bored of the base game there are tons of DLC to check out that add new features to the game, like the gardening pack which allows you to give a garden a complete makeover.

  1. Wytchwood

Wytchwood is kinda like ‘little witch in the wood’ in the sense that it’s about a witch that lives in the woods, but that’s pretty much the only comparison. Wytchwood is a crafting adventure game set in the lands of gothic myth and fairytales. As the old witch of the woods, you get to explore a strange land filled with weird creatures, collect magical ingredients for you to use in crafting spells and potions, as well as meet a vast array of characters. One of which is a goat that can speak.

  1. Animal Crossing

Of course, Animal Crossing is on my list. But I’m not just talking about new horizons, I’m talking about any animal crossing, I feel like they are the best games when it comes to taking your time and chilling out. New Horizons is still a really good game but new leaf will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s the first one I played.

  1. Rune factory 5

Rune factory has been a series like animal crossing that holds a special place in my heart, however, rune factory 5 is probably one the best ones I’ve played. If you’ve ever heard of harvest moon then it’s pretty much the same game except you get to fight monsters and creatures whilst also tending to your farm. It’s basically a 3d version of stardew. But with magic, which makes it pretty amazing in my books.

  1. Bear and breakfast

This is the only game on the list I’ve not played and that’s because it’s not available for switch yet, but I wanted to give it a shout-out because it looks so cute and adorable. Bear and breakfast is a bed and breakfast management sim where you control a bear named Hank trying to set up a b&b with his pals. You get to decorate your own B+B whilst making sure the needs of your tourist guests are met. But try not to scare them away…remember you’re a bear.

  1. Battle chef brigade 

Battle chef brigade is an action puzzle game where you play as Mina, who’s competing against other chefs from around the world so that you can join the battle chef brigade! In battle chef brigade you fight monsters to get ingredients that you use to make delicious meals, however, to make these meals you have to play a little match 3 mini-game in order to make the best meal possible. This hand-drawn adventure is so cute and the cast of characters you fight against are amazing. The additional updates for this game offer different modes to play around in. Like competing against other chefs to top the leaderboard charts, or being able to play as different characters like Ziggy the necromancer. It definitely offers up different ways to experience this great game.

If you’ve played a game that’s not on my list then leave it in the comments, I’m always down to explore new chill games.

I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

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